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Smart Hands!


F2OnSite offers our highest level of service, ADVANCED (LEVEL III) Smart Hands in most areas of the United States.

Advanced technicians hold dozens of certifications, in multiple product lines.  These employees are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, and can service the most intricate technologies.


All technicians are continuously trained in Excellent Customer Service, using an 'Empathy' based approach to understanding customers needs, desires and wants. 

Our Advanced Smart Hands technicians understand our customer's needs, and can not only perform service, but also consult and make any project better.    We practice excellent open call management (OCM), so that our customers are consistently informed of the status of each outstanding service call. 

We offer:

  •   Next Day Service

  •   Same Day Service

  •   Four (4) Hour Response

  •   Lead Resource

  •   Subject Matter Expert Consulting 

  •   Nights and Weekend Response

  •   Server Systems Installation

  •   Diagnostics lead support

  •   Low Escalation Rates

  •   Per Call / Per Hour / Per Job pricing    structure

Level III Technician
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