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A.J. Fox

National Director

Business Development


A.J. Fox serves F2OnSite as National Director of Business Development leading all marketing & sales initiatives.
His role encompasses sales processes, tactics, execution, management of the sales team and overall growth of company revenues through new business.
AJ. is responsible for the identifying, targeting and securing of major accounts while evangelizing on behalf of the company across all business verticals with the ultimate objective of making F2OnSite the flagship of the I.T. Services Industry.  His approach is always direct, down-to-earth and no-nonsense, making it clear to his team that selling isn’t easy, it just doesn’t have to be complicated.  A.J. for the growth of the sales team, methodology and process as well.  
Prior to joining F2OnSite, A.J. was an original member of the Ardsley & Bay Consulting agency that represented Borden Dairy and later a record setting business development executive for Imaginuity Interactive landing clients including global eye care leader Alcon, international real estate firm Hines,
and Dallas-based Brazos Private Equity. He continuously cultivates a clientele that spans a wide-variety of highly competitive verticals and prized clients from coast to coast. 
A graduate of Southern Methodist University, he is currently a member of the Alumni Board of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at S.M.U.  A.J. lives in Dallas and attends Holy Trinity Greek-Orthodox Church; his family residence is on Cape Cod where he spends holidays and vacation time each year.

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