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FreshStart partners wtih F2OnSite

as it's nationwide in-home service provider. 

Excellent Service!

Thanks @f2onsite

Good solid prompt work

Excellent Tech, USPS slow

Technician: Ken B. 

Location: North Carolina


"Ken called and actually came the same day that we recieved our FreshStart hard drive.  He installed the drive, let us watch him every step of the way to make sure our info was secure, moved all of our data, and even made sure we could find everything easily!  Our computer runs like brand new! This has been amazing"


Mike & Carol S.

Charlotte, NC



Technician: Jon H.

Location: Texas


"The product has been just as advertised, my computer runs fast,smooth and is now very stable.  The FreshStart software moved all of my data to exactly the same place as before, including my pictures and all my favorites.  I received my new FS hard drive in two days, and the technician Jon called and met me at my office.  It took an hour and its like I have a brand new laptop.  Jon was great, I enjoyed  meeting him and felt like all my data was very secure while he worked.  Overall very very good!"


Jesika L.

Dallas, TX



Technician: Chris B. 

Location: Virginia


"I tried the online software downloads and it seemed like my problem was worse.  I spent the $199 and chose on site service at my home.  The technician Chris was a great young man, who really wanted my system to be just like it was new and out of the box.  Best part was that I didn't have to give up my computer before he came to my house.  I only had one hour of downtime.  Saved money and now things are awesome  I could not be more pleased.  Please let Chris know he rocks!"


Mark G. 

McClean, VA



Technician: Chad K.

Location: Louisiana


"Shipping took three days, maybe because of where I live, but I wish I had paid for overnight.  It was free shipping though so that was nice.  My technician Chad was awesome.  He really wanted me to watch him do the installation and move my data so that I felt safe with having someone I don't know at my computer. Bottom line is my PC is fast and has a bigger hard drive.  I was out of room anyway so this was terrific.Tell Chad thanks for me and please send him when we do my moms laptop." 


Earl W

Alexandria, LA



 or Call 877-636-9601

FreshStart Onsite In Home Service

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FreshStart in home service

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How On-Site FreshStart Service Works!

In home or In office 

ORDER:  Call 877-636-9601 or Click Here.  Once your order is placed our dispatch team and onsite technicians take it from there!  You won't have to give up your computer, all your data will remain secure, you will choose the time and date of your service, in home or in office, your choice!

In Home Service Video

PREP AND FREE SHIPPING:  Each FreshStart order is carefully tailored to meet the requirements of your PC.  A Bigger, Better and Faster hard drive (Typically larger than 500Gig and a smoking fast 7200RPM!) is shipped directly to you via USPS.  We will send you and your technician a tracking number so you will know when it will arrive - UNTIL THEN - just keep on using your computer as normal.

FREE ONSITE INSTALLATION : Your FreshStart onsite technician will call you to set a convienent appointment time at your home or office.  He may ask you some simple questions about your computer so that he is prepared to get your FreshStart PC up and running as quickly as possible. Have a work area prepared for the techncian with your computer powered up and working when he arrives.  He will remove your old clunky, clogged up hard drive and replace it with a bigger, better and faster FreshStart hard drive, move all your data, make sure your favorites are all where you left them, and activate your new operating system, either Windows 7 or 8.  

 Call 877-636-9601

THAT'S IT!  In about an hour, your PC will be just like new, without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a laptop or desktop that you really don't even need! And FreshStart is hassel-free, no need to spend hours and hours trying to move your documents, pictures and re-installing programs.

FreshStart does all this for you, safely and securely - in the comfort of your own home or office!


How FreshStart HD In-Home Onsite Service works!

An overview of FreshStart HD

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