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Empathy, Diversity and Appropriate Behavior in the Workplace 
This optional voluntary training is encouraged but not required for employment at F2OnSite.

Cultural Insensitivity


In this video, employees at the Workplace discuss current events that are important to them in their everyday lives.  Another employee takes issue with their terminology and disagrees with their opinions. 

Thinking Points:

How does this affect the individuals who may have differing views, and how does it affect the overall environment of the workplace? 

Inappropriate Humor


In this video, what types of behavior do you think are inappropriate?

Is anyone harmed by this type of humor, even if they do not voice it to the group?

Thinking Points:

Workplace humor can be hurtful, even when you may believe everyone is participating.  Racial undertones should never be used in humor, or in any other group or individual discussion. 

Do you believe each character's behavior is helpful to a comfortable workplace?

Hostile Work Environment


At times, you may not realize that you are creating a hostile work environment for others. Inappropriate subtle behavior sometimes leads to feelings of harassment by others.  Harrassment is unacceptable, even in minor forms. 

Thinking Points:

How was the man in this video acting inappropriately? 


How did the woman's response adequately address her feelings of being uncomfortable with this discussion? 

Since this happened outside of the workplace, is it still considered a 'hostile work environment?'

Workplace Bullying 


Workplace bullying doesn't always occur in a group of people - it can easily be experienced one on one with a co-worker or a supervisor. 

Thinking Points:


What type of comments did the man in the video make that could be considered 'bullying'?

Did the man's words affect the perception of Heather to others?  How could this affect Heather long term in her job?

"I was just telling a story..."

Thinking Points:


How does 'consider your audience' relate back to the employees improper discussion with the female employee?

When does 'I was just telling a story' feel threatening or invasive to another person?

Did the man with the laptop handle the situation appropriately? 

We at F2OnSite are constantly improving our training and methods to make the workplace environment feels safe, secure and inclusive. 


Be careful what you say, remember that humor is in the eye of the beholder. Create a welcoming environment that allows all employees and people to feel comfortable to do their job effectively without feeling threatened, harassed or uneasy.  

If you experience any type of inappropriate behavior, speak up.  Ask the other person to stop their behavior, in a very nice way.  If the behavior persists, or if you do not feel comfortable addressing it yourself, contact your supervisor.  If for some reason you don't feel comfortable speaking with your supervisor, or if your supervisor does not address the issue, contact Human Resources at 469-737-1700 Option 3, or, email   F2OnSite takes these issues very seriously and will conduct investigations which could lead to action being taken to correct any inappropriate situation.


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