Shogun Career Advancement Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shogun, and why does it have a funny name? 
Companies typically have some sort of employee evaluation system that is very formal and structured.  In our experience, those type of processes are very strict and inflexible.  F2 is an innovative company that feels that employees should have a non-discriminatory method to receive any merit pay increases, while being able to predict the 'when, where and how' each evaluation period occurs. The term "Shogun" was chosen by the management of F2OnSite to create a fun and one of a kind career advancement program whereby employees could achieve advancement continuously, while incorporating tenure, experience, skills, customer excellence and overall attitude.  Each Shogun level may be achieved by any employee, creating a level playing field for all employees to succeed.  Shogun creates an environment where each employee may be encouraged by their peers to continuously progress within the company. 
Some of the criteria doesn't apply to me, how will I be evaluated? 
As with all things, there are exceptions.  Your F2 manager will determine which criteria apply to you and let you know if there are any variances.  The goal of the program is to attract and retain great talent like yourself. Your manager will make sure you are treated fairly and rewarded for a job well done.
Is there some sort of maximum regarding pay rates or bands? 
Yes.  At times team members may reach a cap where there is no more opportunity for a pay increase.  If that's the case, your manger may determine there is another method to reward you for your tenure.  If you reach the maximum compensation for your position, there may still an opportunity to advance within a different position. If you have approached or will approach your maximum pay rate, your manager will advise you so that you understand fully. 
I have been with F2 for several years, how will the Shogun levels apply to me? 
Your F2 manager will determine what your current level is that you will be assigned.  At that point, you will receive all the prior designations and rewards that you would have earned along the way.  A merit pay increases may or may not be assessed, but on your next anniversary date a pay increase may apply if you are under any cap maximum.  
Will F2 provide use Shogun to promote from within? 
Yes, promoting from within is a commitment F2 management has made.  Shogun will assist us to identify our team members who are eligible and capable for promotions. 
I think the whole program is silly, do I have to participate? 
You do not have to participate, however the annual evaluations are mandatory for all employees. 
Who performs the evaluation? 
Your F2 Managers performs the evaluation, NOT the customers manager.  Your manager will have a email address. We interact with so many different customers, sometimes we forget who our direct manager is. If you don't know, email HR and ask at
How often are evaluations done, and do our customers have any input? 
Evaluations are conducted by your F2 mangers during regular intervals, 90 days, 6 months, 1 year and annually thereafter.   Customers have input, and any communications (good or bad) received from customers are taken into account.  The goal of the Shogun program is reward team members for a job well done and to retain the great talent that the company has.
When I'm due a merit pay increase, what is the maximum and is it automatic? 
Merit pay increases are never guaranteed, and no specific percentage increase is guaranteed as well.  Increases are recommended by your manger according to multiple factors including your tenure, customer excellence reviews, a positive attitude reputation and customer kudos or complaints we receive.  The maximum merit pay increase is in accordance with each years' performance of the company.  
What if I don't feel that my evaluation or my manager has been fair to me? 
Contact Human Resources and they will set up a review by senior management. 
What do I do with the Shogun lapel pins I received from F2? 
Put them on your lanyard that holds your F2 ID badge and show your teammates where you rank within the F2 Shogun program!  
I work for F2 on shorter term projects. Will I participate? 
Yes, you will receive many of the benefits that other team members receives, according to your tenure over the course of time. Your manager has the details.  
Is everyone eligible for health insurance benefits? 
Unfortunately no. Second only to salaries, health insurance is the highest cost of any expense of US based companies. Rates have doubled and in some cases tripled in the past few years. Also, there are more difficult to understand regulations and rules within the Affordable Care Act than ever before.  F2OnSite is required by law to follow the guidelines of the ACA, and will advise you if you are eligible according to the hours worked each look back period. It is not possible to offer health insurance to any team member who does qualify under the ACA law. F2 has recognized this issue and offers as many voluntary benefits as possible for our team.  
More questions? Send an email to your F2OnSite manager and get answers as soon as possible.