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Sports are a business. Business is a Sport.

If you think team sports are stupid, then you probably won't do well in business. Period.

Every chance I get, I try to relate our business to a team sport. Not everyone is the quarterback or the point guard, not everyone is the pitcher or first baseman. Everyone does have a role however, and without everyone working together as a team, then quite honestly, you don't have and can't have a successful business.

I played high school and college football, so even though it was back in the dinosaur era, I still know enough about the game to relate it to a business. So let's use that as an example:


It's obvious that there are 11 players on the field at any time...but do you really know who the most important player is, no matter the score, or the weather, or the opponent? That's easy....there isn't one! The QB goes down with an injury, the backup quarterback comes in and he better be prepared! The left offensive tackle twists his ankle, the backup comes in and the quarterback is now praying that he is ready to play! (Que the "Blind Side" Movie Soundtrack) The Left Tackle protects the back side (blind side) of the quarterback, so the last thing you want is a defensive player coming at your quarterback and him not being able to see him...that's bad....very bad. So this one position is a key position on your team, but you rarely hear about whoever that guy is.

What about the kids on the team who don't ever get on the field? They are extremely important. Ever see the Movie "Rudy"?? Rudy Ruettiger played for the University of Notre Dame, and got onto the field for two plays. Two. Did he win the game? Nope, the game was already won. But what Rudy did during Practice made him a valuable member of the team. And he inspired others to be the best he could be.

But I digress...let me get back to my example...

What about the kids who don't play football? The kids in the stands, the kid shooting the T-Shirt gun thing up into the crowd, the kids in the band, even the stoner kids under the bleachers (well, maybe not those guys), and everyone else at that school including the teachers... pretty much all the kids who fill the seats at the game, at the pep rally or in the classroom. Amazingly, if those people don't participate, a team cannot win. Ever go to a football game with one side of the stadium completely full and the other side empty? I can almost guarantee you who will win that game! Every single kid in that school has effect on the outcome of the game. One word of encouragement in the hallways, one high five coming out of math class, one more yell at the pep rally, everyone affects how the team plays. From the janitor who cleans up, to the people in the concession stand, to the kid who sits in the stands with her picallo in the band, everyone affects the outcome in one way or another.


I can't imagine running a business without a team atmosphere. It does not matter if you are an admin, a call center specialist, a technician, a CEO, a sales person…everyone affects the business growth, attitude, aspirations and success. My Dad used to say "Everyone is just Six Inches away from Success....the problem is, the Six Inches is between their Ears" (that's where you're brain is by the way!). Every single facet of a company is affected by one or more employees, and those tiny little instances of positivity or negativity will make or break a company.

So if you are kinda 'anti' team sports, I don't think you would do well working for me. It's not anything like 'that's the way it is' or 'my way or the highway' - it's just a fact. Teams do well. Individuals don't. And if you are a sole proprietor - and work alone - think about your customers as part of your team, or your support system, your wife or husband, friends etc...there's "Your Team".

So with that said, I am crawling down from my high horse and am going to go sweep the kitchen and clean out the fridge! It's Wednesday after all and we know Wednesday is clean up day around here!



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