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Warranty Break-Fix Service

Updated: Jun 11

Since 2010, F2OnSite has been providing reliable and efficient service call support to customers across multiple verticals nationwide. With a team of over 200 skilled F2 Resources, we operate on a per service call pricing model & an hourly model, ensuring that our clients only pay for the services they need without any hidden costs.

Our ongoing services primarily include products under warranty or maintenance contracts, with thousands of weekly service calls for multiple computer and printer OEMs. Our team is responsible for parts pickup, delivery, and installation for customers across all vertical markets.

The primary KPI for our ongoing service calls is to meet strict SLAs of Same Business Day (SBD) or Next Business Day (NBD) service as outlined and required by our customers. SLAs are changed and modified often, so our KPIs are consistently changing to meet the market needs.

Our success rate for 2020 was 97.3%, a testament to our ability to meet our clients' specific needs and requirements. Our team works diligently to ensure that service calls are completed within the stipulated timeline and budget, minimizing any disruptions to our clients' operations.

In conclusion, F2OnSite is the go-to choice for reliable and efficient service call support across multiple verticals nationwide. Our commitment to meeting strict SLAs and delivering high-quality services has led to our continued success in this industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your service call needs.


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