Project Rescue Services


Regardless of how well we plan, things go wrong.  And many times bad situations are beyond our control.  

Many of our customers have engaged an outsource partner/vendor to assist with, or complete a deployment, implementation or other project.  And many times, that partner/vendor has failed to deliver either quality, meet SLAs or has had workmanship issues,

F2OnSite Project Rescue is our specialized team that is trained to take over an on-going project that is in danger of failing due to no fault of our customer. 


In these situations, we specialize in:


  • Rapid Response

  • Rapid Coverage

  • Identification and Resolution of problem areas

  • Failure Resolution

  • Upgrade Project Management Teams

  • Increase resource pool by using our full time, part time and flex employees and engineers.

  • Overall better communication and structure for our customers.

  • Cost Containment   

Our Project Managers understand the complexity of failure and how it can affect long term relationships for our Customers.  The majority of our customer based has been earned over the course of time, and many have first began with relationship with F2OnSite by engaging our Project Rescue Service team

See Case Studies for real life examples of our Project Rescue Services