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Teddy Halikias

Vice President Client Delivery

Teddy Halikias  Vice President F2OnSite

Teddy Halikias is talented and well-known IT professional with over 10 years of experience in IT consulting and staffing. Teddy joined F2OnSite in April of 2015, and quickly progressed through the ranks to become F2’s Vice President of Delivery.
Teddy has become very well known in the industry over the past decade and is considered a ‘subject matter expert’ by many. Starting as a sole delivery contact point for many customers, he has grown a delivery team that now manages over 600 technical and onsite employees throughout the year.

He has worked in various industries and held previous I.T. contingent labor and I.T. project delivery positions before joining F2, but has flourished as a integral part of the company since he arrived. Teddy has accomplished many notable achievements throughout his tenure at F2, one of which includes assisting in building a multi-million dollar customer from scratch. His greatest strength as a professional is being able to handle pressure effectively and lead teams to successfully deliver projects and assignments, on time and under budget.

One of Teddy's most challenging projects involved completing a two-year Windows migration during peak COVID, which consisted of employing 200+ technicians that migrated over 100k machines in dozens of locations. Despite the logistical and staffing challenges during Covid, he was able to overcome them and successfully complete the project on time.
When Teddy is not working, he enjoys skiing, watching the New England Patriots, and working out. He resides in the Greater Boston area with his wife and two children.
“The thing I enjoy most about working in the IT industry is managing and overseeing the constant moving parts of a complex project. I also really enjoy working with the technicians and managers on the ground. I always take great pride in our work and I’m always looking for ways to go above and beyond for his customers.”
Overall, Teddy's wealth of experience, dedication, and passion for the IT industry make him an invaluable member of the F2OnSite team and to our customers.

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