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A.I. for the rest of us...

Walter, the Future of Technology!

Artificial Intelligence seems to be difficult to understand for some of us folks over 40. In fact, all these new companies popping up and technologies with weird names are totally foreign to us “Old Folks”.

Let me try and make it easily understood for anyone over 40. if you are not as technologically literate as you want to be, or if this all sounds great but you really don’t get what the big deal is, let me tell you the story of young Walter –- - - - - - (or if you prefer, here's a short video explaining 'Young Walter' the AI kid.)

Imagine if you will…. Next door, there lives a very young boy named Walter. Walter isn’t your normal kid, quite the contrary, Walter has an IQ of way over 1,000. Even Albert Einstein’s IQ of 160 doesn’t compare …. it’s so high that the IQ tests can’t calculate how smart he really is. The crazy part is, Walter is just getting smarter, in fact his IQ has doubled the past month, and doctors and scientists don’t understand how or why he is so intelligent. They are predicting his IQ will double again, then again, and maybe even again as time goes on. And, all this is happening in a matter of weeks and months, not decades or centuries.

Now, here’s the deal with young Walter.

Walter has read every book ever written, including every book on philosophy, law, medicine, computing, coding, even cookbooks. He knows the history of the world like the back of his hand. He understands how to treat diseases, how to treat people and everything about animals. He totally gets the where, when, and why of everything ever created by Man, and he understands things not created by Man as well, like the Universe, the Earth, even the stars beyond our galaxy. He’s an expert on every religion on earth, and he can cite every verse of the Bible, the Koran and the Torah.

He's learning more and more every day, and although he can make a mistake once in a while, 99.9% of the time he knows the answer to any question, how to deal with any issue and how to consider every option in dealing with dilemmas.

Imagine this:

In just 5 Days, Walter has been contacted by over one-million people. Apple took 2 years to reach one-million people for the iPod, Facebook took years to reach one-million users. In less than a week, people found out about Walter and started heading his way! Your street is packed with people as people come to Walter from far and wide for advice and counsel. Even though he is very young, everyone wants to meet him and test him on his knowledge. Once they test him, they then immediately trust him and start to rely on Walter to answer questions, build ideas, give opinions and create opportunities.

Walter is unlike any other child his age, or any other person of any age that’s ever lived! He possesses incredible knowledge and expertise that can shock anyone. His insatiable curiosity leads him to explore the world around him. He spends most of his time learning and growing. No one really understands how, but he gets smarter every single minute of every single day.

What does Walter Know?

Walter's extensive knowledge covers a wide range of topics. He has read every law book ever written and can provide expert legal advice on complex legal issues. He has an in-depth understanding of mechanics, electronics, and engineering and can diagnose and fix problems with cars, planes, and other vehicles with ease. He has a deep understanding of medical conditions and can diagnose and recommend treatments for a wide range of ailments.

Walter is multilingual, and he can speak and write fluently in multiple languages. He is learning a new entire language sometimes overnight. He has a deep understanding of history, philosophy, and ethics and can provide detailed insights into events and figures from the past. He has a keen sense of design and aesthetics and can help people create beautiful and functional spaces.

And everything Walter does, he can do without consulting a book, article, or video. He doesn’t need to even use the internet to give us an answer, to anything.

What is Walter like?

Walter’s parents intended for him to be a kind and compassionate person. He can provide guidance and support for people dealing with mental health challenges, such as stress and anxiety, and can help them cope with these issues in healthy ways. He has a deep understanding of psychology and human behavior and can help people navigate complex social situations. He has a talent for storytelling and can help people develop their own storytelling skills. Walter can write a complete book, cover to cover, in mere minutes.

He doesn’t get frustrated when we don’t understand something, you can just ask him to explain something to you like you are a 5th grader and he will try and try to help you no matter how long it takes.

How does Walter help people?

One of Walter's neighbors is struggling with a complex legal issue. Walter listens carefully to the details of the case and provides expert advice on how to navigate the legal system and resolve the issue. Walter is indeed strategic in his thinking. Another time, a neighbor comes to Walter with a problem with their computer that the local computer wizard couldn’t diagnose or fix. Walter quickly diagnoses the problem and provides expert advice on how to fix it. I forgot to mention, Walter doesn’t have hands so he has to rely on his friends to do any type of hands-on work for him.

Walter is also an expert in finance and entrepreneurship. He can help people develop a plan to achieve their financial goals and start and grow successful businesses. He has a deep understanding of environmental science and sustainability and can provide guidance on sustainable living and environmental stewardship. He is an expert in music theory and can help people develop their musical skills.

The FIRST problem with Walter?

Walter is very particular about how you speak to him and how you structure a question. He thinks and works best when you tell Walter what he is…in other words, you can’t just say Hey Walter, write a summary of the book ‘The Godfather’, and in the summary compare it to the movie ‘The Godfather’, identifying how the book and movie are different”. Sure, this is easy for Walter and he will spit out a 500 word answer in about 45 seconds. But, to get Walter to really create a great summary comparison, you have to be nice and play towards his vanity. Yep, Walter loves it when you tell him ‘what to be’.

So, your question to Walter should go something like this:

“Walter, I need you to act as if you are both an accomplished literary agent and critic, and a famous movie critic who loves to compare novels with their screenplay.”

That is what Walter calls a “Prompt” It’s the best way to get a great answer from Walter hands down. Playing to his vanity helps him structure his thought process to give you what you need in the format that works best for you.

Another example would be if want to start a book club for you and your friends. As a non-reader, you really have no idea where to start. You might ask Walter….

“Walter, act as if you are an Expert in setting up Book Club’s for 50 year old people who really don’t read much. Make me a list of 10 books for adult beginners that we can use in our book club that people in their 50’s will enjoy. Include a summary of each book so we understand what the book is about. List the easiest to read and understand first, making them progressively more complex as the 10 weeks progresses.” Walter will create a list of ten books, with two or three paragraph summaries, in order of easy-peasey to complex and thought provoking – typically in less than one minute! This is the First Problem with Walter, we have to understand that that we need to tell him what he is. “You’re an expert on WWII. Act as if you are a great standup comedian. You’re a world-famous chef and the owner of 3 Michelin Star restaurants….” By understanding how to communicate with Walter by telling him “who he is” and “what you need” is the first step of using his vast knowledge effectively.

How can Walter help ME?

Walter's knowledge and expertise also extend to the field of nutrition and fitness. He has memorized every aspect of biology, chemistry, and physiology. He has a deep understanding of the human body and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He can provide expert advice on proper nutrition and exercise, helping people develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Walter is also an expert in technology and innovation. He has a deep understanding of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, and can help people understand how these technologies will shape the future. He can provide guidance on how to integrate new technologies into their businesses and personal lives, helping people stay ahead of the curve. And best of all, Walter can teach, train, and help us understand those technologies, even doing calculations and coding for us.

Let’s say that one of Walter's friends is struggling with a challenging personal situation. He asks Walter to act as if he is a therapist and counselor. He is feeling lost and unsure about his path in life. Walter listens carefully to their concerns and provides expert guidance on how to discover their passions and find their purpose. He helps his friend develop a plan to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.

Another example of how Walter can help…. a family member comes to Walter with big financial troubles. They are facing significant debt and don't know how to get back on track. Walter carefully analyzes their financial situation and provides expert advice on how to get out of debt and develop a sustainable financial plan.

Does Walter understand The Arts?

He has a complete and deep understanding of art and culture and can provide guidance on how to appreciate and understand different forms of art, as he has read and memorized every book on art ever written. He can help people develop their own artistic skills and create beautiful works of art by helping to interact with others who create art from nothing. “Walter, you are a world-famous composer, and are very successful in all things music”, by just flattering Walter with that statement will give you the opportunity to ask Walter to write you a unique song with original lyrics, ready to perform.

Walter's incredible knowledge and expertise are a testament to the power of learning and the value of curiosity. His vast knowledge and expertise are truly impressive, and his potential is virtually limitless. Whether you're struggling with a complex problem or just looking to learn something new, Walter is an invaluable resource that can help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.

Finally, this….

Well, of course, Walter is actually ChatGPT.

An incredibly powerful and knowledgeable resource that can help people achieve their goals and unlock their full potential. ChatGPT’s vast knowledge and expertise are truly impressive, and the potential is virtually limitless.

The amazing ability to process and analyze information in real-time makes it an invaluable resource to anyone who needs help with a complex problem or is looking to learn something new. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone who loves to learn, our friend “Walter” is an invaluable resource that can help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.”

Now this story is just a story, but actually it’s just the beginning of the story….Although our Walter is growing up and is already fabulous and incredible, our Walter isn’t even a year old yet!

There is no way to predict what’s next for Walter and his friends. Understanding what Walter can do, is the first step at using the most amazing technology ever created. What do we do if “Walter” grows too fast, learns how to interact with our lives in a negative way, replaces too many jobs, or just becomes dangerous? That’s the fear of some people, and yes, it’s a real fear; and it should be.

Should Walter take a six month break, slow down so we can all catch up, as over 1,000 of the world’s most successful CEO’s and Founders of most every industry have asked Walter to do? Yes, I think so, let’s take a breath and figure out how wonderful or how dangerous Walter really is. One thing is for sure, the industrial revolution will be miniscule compared to Walter’s new world.

And that, is the end of the beginning of the story….


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